Dark Tides of Salinmoor

Chapter 4: Moloch

The possessed paladin begins to retreat from the House of Hymns, holding the heroes at bay with the threat of physical harm to the paladin whose skin he rides. A few moments of debate between the companions settles the conundrum: it is better to risk harm to the paladin than allow the evil entity within to escape and do further harm.

Tobias charges at the escaping creature. The rest of the group follows suit. Davin draws his crossbow and takes cover in a corner of the debris-strewn chapel, behind the pews. Thorondir launches a volley of arrows, made from magical force energy, from his bow and joins Davin in a safer position.

Lashing out with his broadsword, which pulses with purple-black, necrotic energy, the demon fights off Tobias, Greighar, and Forge in melee combat. He also hurls a bolt of unholy power at Davin from across the chapel, which instantly causes the rogue’s eyes to turn into inky, black pools and attack Thorondir. Similar energies leap from the entity’s blade, attaching themselves to Forge and attempting to possess him as they batter away at his mind.

The cloaked stranger, not seeming to be concerned for the well-being of the demon’s host, rushes forward with a flask of flaming holy oil. The flask is knocked aside and the stranger is hurled across the room like a rag doll by the paladin’s unholy strength.

Amidst the chaos, Cyrus channels the radiant power of his god, Solare, into beams of pure white, positive energy. Though the first few radiant rays miss their mark, the halfling is finally successful and the demonic being screeches in agony. Greighar and Tobias keep the possessed paladin occupied and protect Cyrus while the halfling continues to blast away — his deity’s power seeming to harm the demon, but not Sorril Venir’s physical body.




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