Dark Tides of Salinmoor

Session 1: Preludes

In which we meet the cast of heroes, and possibly several antagonists.

In the first installment of this campaign, we learn the backgrounds and quests of our heroes as each begins his adventuring career. All roads lead to the small port town of Flotsam, in Gaeland’s coastal Viscounty of Salinmoor.

Tobias Grigg was summoned by his master, Ophion, and accused of being disloyal to the Scarlet Society. His dedication was tested as he was told to murder his twin sister Tanith, who was bound to a torture rack. When Tobias attempted to rescue his sister by cutting her free and turning on his master, Tanith betrayed him and slipped a dagger into his ribs. “You were always weaker than me,” she whispered in his ear as she and Ophion departed to attend the chiming bells of worship hour and left the monk for dead. Tobias was rescued by a Namuan slave, Antal, who carried him from the temple and hid him in the hold of a departing cargo ship.

Forge, a Northman warrior that had been exiled from his tribe, was troubled by terrible dreams of a terrible, destructive beast. His mentor, an old seer named Yngvar, cast the bones and told Forge that he must travel to the southlands and seek out a silver owl. The owl would guide him to his destiny, where the warrior would face a terrible, serpentine creature of legend called the Leviathan. The Northman departed for the southlands at daybreak, and met a childhood friend named Raegar in a valley along the way. Raegar was been sent to hunt Forge by his own father, but allowed his former friend to escape without a fight.

Cyrus Solwick languished in a dungeon, beneath the fortress-like manor of a noble-blooded brother and sister known as the Malgrave Twins. Cyrus had temporarily disabled a destructive mechanical device that he’d unwittingly built for the Malgraves and was being held until he agreed to reactivate it. The halfling was hoping to escape and seek out his old engineering mentor, a half-elven charlatan called Gilleon, whose knowledge of mechanical devices might save the city of King’s Crossing. Cyrus managed to convince a halfling servant girl named Daffne to help him escape, slipping off into the sewers and fleeing through the city while pursued by the Malgraves’ personal guards.

Greighar Luxford had aspired his whole life to follow in his father’s footsteps as a Knight of the Watch and redeem his family name. Before his knighting ceremony, Greighar was gifted a sword called Harbinger, a heirloom once wielded by his father, by a knight named Zachariah Falcross. Zachariah was sponsor, uncle, and friend to the young paladin and had raised him since his father’s death many years prior. At the conclusion of his knighting ceremony, Greighar was swarmed by nobles – many of whom had spoken ill of his family and his name throughout the years and attempted to foil his knighting. Each sought favors and service from the newly-knighted paladin, which he declined. It was Zachariah and a Watch Commander by the name of Sinnead Feabrook that offered Greighar a truly worthy opportunity: travel to the borderlands of Gaeland in the southern coastal wilds and seek out Viscount Lorcan Dunraven in the city of Flotsam. Rumors of swelling monster numbers, disappearing fishermen, and murdered noblemen had reached the capital of Baile Anlar, and the Knights of the Watch saw fit to send Greighar as an emissary to appraise the need for their presence in the borderlands.

Before his departure, Greighar was introduced to Thorondir, an agent of the elven court that was to assist the inexperienced knight in courtly etiquette. The elf had his own business in Flotsam as well, and even a temporary partnership would be beneficial to both men as they visited hostile, untamed borderlands.

At a crossroads in northern Gaeland, Cyrus met with ill luck as hit cart hit a rut in the road and a wagon wheel broke from its axle. While the halfling repaired the damage his donkey companion, Jake, brayed in alarm. A small group of goblin snufflers – small, murderous creatures with a thirst for bloodshed – advanced upon the pair. The outnumbered halfling prepared to defend himself when a rider, Forge the Northman, charged onto the scene and rode two of the goblins down, allowing Cyrus to blast a third with radiant, holy magic. The Northman and halfling agreed to travel together to the city of Baile Anlar, acting as protector and guide, respectively.

Davin Timberway had only been in the port town of Flotsam for a few days, but it seemed that his reputation preceded him. He’d caught the attention of a shady local named Skeeves, a member of the Wharf Rats gang.

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