Cyrus Solwick

Level 1 Cleric of Solare, lightfoot halfling Traveling Tinker



Raised by the church of Solare but always fascinated with technology, Cyrus left to travel the land and spread the word of the Lightbringer. Picking up knick knacks to build his inventions, he is accompanied in his travels by a donkey named Jake. As with all halflings he is skilled with a dagger and sling, and uses them to defend himself in the wilds while channeling Solare’s light to help those in need.

Traveling Tinker: A halfling tinker/merchant and his trusty mule-drawn cart full of useless junk, that always has a tool that’s not quite right for the job — but just might work!
Trait: Your cart contains all manner of items. If you spend ten minutes searching your cart, you may find any item you are looking for: 75% chance of finding 1d4 of any one item worth 1 GP or less, 50% chance of any one item worth 1 – 5 GP, 25% chance of any one item worth 10 GP or less. Items not listed in standard adventuring equipment (a broom, an old hat, etc.) are available; the DM determines the chance of finding one. Salvaged items are old and often defective—they may break or otherwise malfunction at inopportune times at the DM’s discretion. Items salvaged from the wagon cannot be sold. An unavailable item cannot be searched for again until the character spends a day trading in an open market.
Background Skills: Disable Device, Knowledge Sciences, Gather Rumors, and Search.

wis:15 (9) +1 cleric = 16
int:14 (7)
con:12 (4)
dex:13 (5) +1 lightfoot halfling = 14
cha:10 (2)
str:8 (0)

Cyrus Solwick

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