Davin Timberway

Davin is a young man with brown hair and eyes, a cocky brash smile. He often sports a dark green long coat and has an affinity for beer.


Davin grew up in Mosswood, an isolated town in the northeastern kingdom. Always adventurous, Davin often found himself in trouble for sneaking pies from the baker or climbing the bell tower of the local church. He often played pranks with the help of his close friend, Brailey, on the local towns people.

Growing up, Davin had heard stories of a half-buried temple, haunted and cursed, lost deep in the forests that surrounded Mosswood. Several times Davin and Brailey both sneaked away from town to hunt down this fabled temple without much success. One time, while the two boys were exploring the woods, Davin caught himself in one of Fentor’s snare traps, that hoisted 25 ft in the air. Unable to free himself Brailey had to return to the town to get help. After being reprimanded, Davin vowed never to be caught off guard again and start watching for Fentor’s traps.

At the age of 19, Davin and Brailey ventured, once more into the woods. This time was different however. As the two were reach manhood, Brailey began courting one of the young girls, Alison, and Davin began working with Fentor hunting and trapping. It was one the night before Brailey’s wedding to Alison, that they decided for old time’s sake to venture into the woods once more to search for the temple they no longer believed really existed.

As the two half-heartedly searched for the woods, they reminisced about all their misadventures and trials. Laughing and drinking their way through the woods, the two got lost in the dark and stumbled upon some old ruins. There wasn’t much to the site it seemed. Three of the walls were half crumbled on this small, square ruin, with trees growing through the gaping black mauls that probably served as windows.

Joking about how this was the “Lost cursed temple” Brailey Davin climbed over the rubble of one wall and into the stone perimeter. As they set foot on the leaf covered floor, the rotted planks gave way and the two young men plummeted into a black abyss.

They landed in a damp, muddy pool, sore, but alive. The cavern smelled of yet earth and mold. The lantern they had been carrying was still lit and as they rose and moved the lantern around they saw rough stone walls with parts caved in. Rusted metal sconces dangle on the walls, while others lay on the ground, their fastenings rusted away.

Unable to see a way back up, Davin and Brailey creeped deeper into the tunneling network. Through the twisted corridors Davin found dark rooms with black pits filled with bones, alters stained dark with blood, and wall carvings and paintings depicting denizens from the Hell dimenions reaching for a glowing star held by a dark-hooded figure. It was then that the two realized where they were and a rush of boyish excitement raced through their bodies. What they never admitted to each other was that there was also a twinge of fear. And as they went deeper into the dark temple, every unusual sound, every grown of timber, or drip of water or shifting of dirt made their skin crawl.

Several times they met dead ends; caved in corridors that forced them to turn back. Finally, they came to a large room, there was a dais at one end, half buried from a cave in. The room smelled of wet stone and rot. A breeze blew in, however from a stair well that went up. The floor in this room was all muddy forcing Davin and Brailey to muck through the room two the stair case that promised escaped. When they reached the dais Brailey noticed something on the floor at the base of the stairs leading up the dais.

Davin and his companion walked towards it, but Brailey reached it first and snatched it up out of the mud. It was a mask. It was horrific looking, misshapen with clumps of dark, wet hair protruding from it and sticks that were twisted around that resembled a bramble bush rupture from the top of it.

“Look at this?!” Brailey exclaimed.
“Let me see!” Davin said, reaching for it. But Brailey’s expression darkened suddenly and he pulled the mask away. “C’mon!” Davin said reaching for it again. This time his reach was met with a blow that left his head in a haze. Never one to back down from a fight, Davin tackled Brailey, sending the mask through the air to stick in the mud once more. Brailey screamed out in strange tongues as the two rolled around in the mud. Pinning Brailey down, Davin tried to reason with him, “Brailey, whats gotten into you, its just a mask. Stop this!” But his companion kept shouting and struggling. Davin released him when he began bashing the back of his own head against the ground with an inhuman intensity. Released from the pin, Brailey ran up the stairs and disappeared. Davin remained motionless as he listen to his friends strange ranting fade away into the distance. Once the echoes fell silent Davin looked at where the mask had landed with suspicion. Maybe there was a curse… He pulled the mask from the mud with is coat, careful not to touch it, though even as he did he felt a strange sense of foreboding.

The stairs led to a cave opening behind a water fall. The muddy shore line showed Brailey’s foot prints as he ran west, but of his friend, Davin saw no signs. It was still night out and after a few wrong turns, Davin made his way back to Mosswood. He stowed the mask away in the barn, and crawled into bed, worried about Brailey.

The next day he was jolted awake by

Davin Timberway

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