In the First Age of Divina, a vast, elven queendom ruled the primeval forests of the eastern continent. The elves erected towering cities within those forests, blending nature and civilization in architectural wonders that preserved the natural beauty of the woodlands. Elvenkind maintained dominance over the realm for millennia, acting as caretakers of the land and watchers of the lesser races. By some accounts the elves were more tyrants than protectors, suppressing the human tribes of their realm from progressing culturally and even utilizing the primitive clans as slaves.

During a great upheaval between the elven houses, the fair folk society fractured. The cause of the feuding and tribulation is not commonly known to outsider races, but ultimately the elves were divided into two—or, as some scholars claim, three—separate peoples. Those that departed the elven queendom, leaving behind the wondrous cities of their kin behind for wild and unsettled lands to the west, are today called wood elves. The elves that remained and continued to advance in magical sciences and political structure are known as high elves.

Centuries after the schism, the high elven queendom maintained its hold on the eastern reaches of Divina, but had long since lost their grip over the human tribes of the surrounding lands. One human tribe, the Suel, had built a secret nation in the mountains to the south and grown in strength and number. They returned to the forested lands to the north and waged war upon the elves with a previously unknown form of magic: necromancy. After a long and bloody war, the elven queendom had fallen and the houses of the fair folk were scattered to the wind.

The elves are a matriarchal culture that reveres concepts such as life, beauty, and nature, embodied by their two goddesses, Luna and Celene—each represented to the elves by one of two moons that illuminate the night sky. They are naturally inclined toward the magical arts and live in harmony with the lands and beasts of whatever forested lands or hills they call home.

High Elves

Wood Elves

Dark Elves


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