Currently one of the oldest nations in all of Divina, Gaeland was founded over one thousand years ago by natives of the region, the Gael, and immigrants from the west—an advanced culture whose society had self-destructed, the Suel, that sought refuge from the chaos of their shattered homeland. At first these two peoples warred against each other, but soon they settled their differences to overcome a common enemy: the lich known as Vecna.

Prior to these events, Abhainn Dale had been settled for thousands of years by the early Gael clans. The fertile land of the dale was perfect for growing crops and herding livestock, which brought the Gael great prosperity. Elven pilgrims from the east would eventually settle in the dale and teach the Gael the druidic ways—a spiritual path of reverence for nature that would be passed down by the humans for centuries and come to be known as the Old Faith.

When the Suel fled from their shattered empire beyond the Barrier Peaks, they brought new concepts to the simple folk of Abhainn Dale. They introduced arcane magic and science, both of which frightened the superstitious Gael. Conflict was inevitable, and soon the two cultures clashed in frequent skirmishes throughout the moors and hills of the realm. The bloody rivalry between the dale’s natives and the displaced refugees of the west only came to an end when a much greater enemy, the undead sorcerer Vecna, awakened from a long torpor and threatened the freedom of the entire dale.

Many years of tension, politics, and treaties followed the defeat of Vecna as the Gael and Suel negotiated a peaceful existence between their people. Old enmities were laid aside and alliances were forged. The foundations of a great nation were laid in the form of guilds, protectorate orders, and a ruling council that would ensure all people of the land equality and freedom. The Kingdom of Gaeland was born.


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