Humans originated as many different tribes, scattered across the continent of Divina. Today they are the most populous race on the continent, vastly outnumbering the other civilized races many times over. Over the course of humankind’s brief history, mighty empires have risen and fallen, bloody wars have been fought, and ancient prophecies have come to pass.

Early Suel tribes were oppressed by the elves of the eastern realm, eventually casting off their yokes and migrating to the southern shores. They founded a reclusive kingdom and became a people driven by strict tradition. Suel are nearly albino, with alabaster skin and hair ranging from stark white to rich gold; their eyes are pale, blue-gray to violet in color.

The Carceri established the first human empire in the rolling hills and verdant fields of the west, beyond the Barrier Peaks. Their society advanced quickly in magic and science, and over many centuries their influence spread over the continent of Divina. Descendants of the Carceri have olive-hued skin, dark hair, and eye colors varying from bright green to dark brown.

Northern barbarians plied the icy seas and raided the borderlands of the nearby kingdoms. The rustic Jodnor were superstitious and distrustful of their neighbors’ strange ways, waging several long-forgotten wars against them over the ages. The northmen are fair of skin and pale-haired, with often strikingly blue or green eyes.

Offshoots of the barbarians expanded into a broad valley and the surrounding lands to the temperate south and eventually established their own cultural identity. Known as the Gael, these folk maintain their simple roots and rustic lifestyles centuries later. The Gael share the fair skin and hair of their northern roots, though generations of mingling with other cultures has produced darker hair and eyes in a significant part of the population.

The Xexchan are a bizarre, xenophobic people that dwell on a continent of the same name, which lies across the southern ocean. They are rumored to consort with demons and are ruled by a circle of ageless elders called the Undying. Bronze-colored skin and eerily pale eyes in shades of gray or blue mark this culture’s appearance; males and females alike shave the dark hair on their heads bald.

Inhabiting several island chains far to the south are the Numaun: proud and fierce tribesmen whose society, much like the barbaric northmen, is based in a simplistic lifestyle of hunting, gathering, and taming wild beasts for utility needs. Ebon skin and dark eyes define these people physically, and they often adorn their bodies with facial or body piercings of bleached bone.


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