The Divines

Achra the Warbringer (LE): God of Conquest, War & Tyranny

Altus (LN): God of Law, Order & Justice

Cadril (LN): God of Wisdom & Judgment

Eleni the Lifegiver (NG): Goddess of Compassion, Beauty & Healing

Hrathe the Reaper (NE): God of Plague & Death

Korsuul (NE): God of Darkness & Corruption

Lludd, the Green Man (CN): God of Nature, Beasts & the Hunt

Larios the Trickster (CG): God of Luck, Music & Revels

Manoth the Stormcaller (CN): God of Storms & The Sea

Oghnar the Arcanist (N): God of Knowledge, Prophecy & Magic

Perachron (N): God of Fate, Time & Travel

Solare the Lightbringer (NG): God of Life, Sun & Light

Valarian the Protector (LG): God of Honor, Protection & Courage

Zarthun (CE): God of Destruction, Slaughter & Madness

The Divines

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